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Chemin du Roy

If the St. Lawrence is at the origin of the settlement of the region, the Chemin du Roy has undeniably ensured its growth. Marked by a string of beautiful villages, the oldest roadway in the country is revealed through 280 years of history. Recognized and signposted as a tourist route, it has long been the subject of concerted valorization initiatives.

The 76 km Portneuvoise portion of the Chemin du Roy allows you to discover the secrets of one of the most authentic segments of Route 138. Of the five municipalities it crosses, three - Neuville, Cap-Santé, and Deschambault-Grondines - are among the members of the Association of the most beautiful villages of Quebec, the last holding in addition the special status of Village-relais. Declared \"the most beautiful village\'s street in Canada\" by the Globe and Mail, the Vieux-Chemin in Cap-Santé, which takes the original route of the famous traffic lane, is really worth seeing.