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Eight (8) not-to-be-missed gourmet stops to discover the flavours of Portneuf this summer

By Papilles Développement, July 1 2021

In collaboration with Papilles développement

As part of the first edition of La Virée Enracinée, running from June 23 through September 19, 2021, eight (8) restaurants and businesses in Portneuf have added special dishes with regional flavours to their menus, featuring some twenty local producers.

These original dishes will showcase delicious, carefully selected products. You can enjoy them on site (where offered) or purchase them ready-to-eat—deluxe picnics coming up! Look for the participating businesses with La Virée Enracinée’s logo on the Portneuf, Culture de saveurs map (French only).

Discover the eight (8) dishes offered during La Virée Enracinée, eight (8) gourmet destinations that are an absolute must this summer!

  • Table d’hôte Enracinée offered at Bistro La Ferme (Deschambault-Grondines)

This bistro restaurant offers a magnificent view of the Saint Lawrence River. With one of the most beautiful terraces in the region of Portneuf, Bistro La Ferme lets you enjoy, for the duration of La Virée Enracinée, a delicious table d’hôte in an enchanting setting.

The starter is made with homemade faisselle cheese, cubes of smoked salmon and a fresh twist of cucumber, fennel, fresh herbs and sprouts, all together with a slice of toasted bread. For the main course, the bistro offers you a grilled pork chop served on a Grondines cheese risotto, topped with a fortified wine sauce, mushrooms, garlic flowers and green peas. To finish on a high note, a maple crème brûlée served with pecans and maple sugar. Doesn’t that get your taste buds swimming?

Featured producers: Ferme Reine des Prés, Les Jardins de la Chevrotière, Boulangerie le Soleil Levain sur Deschambault, Ferme Syldia, Fromagerie des Grondines, the Domaine des 3 Moulins winery and La Sucrière.

Bistro la Ferme
  • Boucherie Godin et fils’s Snack du terroir (Donnacona)

This butcher shop is also a small gourmet grocery store where you will find its special Snack du terroir lunchbox made up of homemade duck sausage with a hint of sea buckthorn, and honey-flavoured pecan and orzo salad. Take advantage of their other great products and pick a local cheese or a brochette for one of your early-evening barbeques.

What’s more, Boucherie Godin et fils is located just next to Brasserie La Fosse. Why not try one of their excellent craft beers with this Enracinée gourmet lunchbox (for takeout only)? In just one stop, you will discover several of the region’s treats!

Featured producers: Plumes et Légumes, Ferme d’Achille, Boulangerie le Soleil Levain sur Deschambault, Fromagerie des Grondines, Les Saveurs d’Alice, L’Arc-en-ciel du Paradis and Miel & Co.

2- Le snack du terroir de la Boucherie Godin et fils (Donnacona)
  • Le Paysan sandwich at Boulangerie le Soleil Levain (Deschambault-Grondines)

For the duration of La Virée Enracinée, Boulangerie le Soleil Levain will be offering its sandwich Le Paysan, a meat sandwich for takeout or to enjoy on the bakery’s terrace in the heart of the picturesque village of Deschambault. The delicious treat is made with fresh homemade bread, cooked ham and vegetables topped with maple mustard. While you’re there, buy a pastry for your next day’s brunch. Nearby, you can also buy specialty coffee from La p’tite Brûlerie or visit Deschambault’s Magasin Général Paré.

The village of Deschambault-Grondines is full of places to relax and enjoy your gourmet sandwich. Have a look around and find the ideal spot to savour your meal and the charms of the local heritage buildings. It’s a real trip back in time!

Featured producers: Terra Sativa, terre de cultures, La Sucrière, Ferme Syldia, Boulangerie le Soleil Levain sur Deschambault and Fromagerie des Grondines.

3- Le sandwich du paysan de la Boulangerie le Soleil Levain (Deschambault-Grondines)
  • Salade du comté at Brasserie La Fosse (Donnacona)

This microbrewery offers on-site dining. Enjoy its local salad made with organic raw goat milk cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, radishes and strawberries, covered in a maple syrup dressing and decorated with fresh basil and roasted walnuts. Served with a delicious craft beer made on site, this is a must-try gourmet stop for beer tourists.

While you are there, check out the rest of their menu to discover more dishes featuring several other producers from the region. You will certainly find a great reason to make a second trip this summer to see what else Portneuf has to offer agritourists.

Featured producers: Chez Félix Ferme bio, Ferme Syldia, Fromagerie des Grondines and La Sucrière.

La salade du comté de la Brasserie La Fosse (Donnacona)
  • Concept Gourmet’s Salade estivale aux saveurs d’ici (Saint-Marc-des-Carrières)

Concept Gourmet is well known to local families and workers looking for a quick and healthy solution for their weekly meals. As part of La Virée Enracinée, this ready-to-eat counter has created a smoked meat summer salad made with mesclun and freshly harvested vegetables, cheese, pollen—that’s right!—and apple cider vinegar.

This takeaway option is the perfect chance to stock up on supplies before continuing on your way to discover the lush Parc naturel régional de Portneuf. Why not take the opportunity to buy some delicious meals for your next picnic with family or friends?

Featured producers: Ferme des jeunes pousses, Ferme Syldia, Fromagerie des Grondines, Miel & Co. and Verger du Roy.

5- La salade estivale aux saveurs d’ici de chez Concept Gourmet (Saint-Marc-des-Carrières)
  • The Cochon portneuvois sandwich at Le Mundial restaurant-bar (Saint-Raymond)

Located in downtown Saint-Raymond, this bistro-style restaurant is the perfect summer destination for lovers of sports and good food. Enter its festive atmosphere and try out its Cochon portneuvois sandwich, made with rye bread, spit-roasted pork and local cheese and served with fries and salad. You can enjoy your sandwich around a table on site or simply take it out.

If you are visiting on a Friday evening, don’t miss Saint-Raymond’s public market, which showcases the region’s producers. Foodies will find many options to stock up while enjoying the festive Friday-night atmosphere.

Featured producers: Ferme Syldia, Fromagerie des Grondines and Boulangerie le Soleil Levain sur Deschambault.

6- Le sandwich le Cochon portneuvois au Resto-Bar Le Mundial
  • Le p’tit Patelin’s Salade riche en couleurs (Cap-Santé)

Opened about a year ago, Le p’tit Patelin has already become a must-see spot for locals and visitors alike. There you can find many homemade products, including their 100% local tofu made with Ferme Saint-Joseph’s soy as well as other artisanal delicacies from local producers.

For La Virée Enracinée, Le p’tit Patelin has created a colourful salad prepared with fresh greens, vegetables and berries, breaded tofu and sea buckthorn vinaigrette. And that’s not all! You can also taste their star dessert of the summer, a hot granola lassi made with yogurt, honey, berries and chocolate, topped with nuts, grains and spices. This takeout-only menu is an ideal opportunity for visitors to pack a gourmet picnic to enjoy on Cap-Santé’s beautiful beach.

Featured producers: Ferme Orel, L’Arc-en-ciel du Paradis, Le p’tit Patelin, Ferme Saint-Joseph, La Ferme d’Achille, Ferme Reine des Prés, Miel & Co. and Julie Vachon Chocolats.

La Salade riche en couleurs chez Le p’tit Patelin
  • Burger 100 % Portneuf at the Roquemont (Saint-Raymond)

This restaurant, microbrewery and hotel, located not far from Vallée Bras-du-Nord’s mountain bike trails and hiking paths, is well known to outdoors enthusiasts. For the duration of La Virée Enracinée, the Roquemont has concocted a 100% made-in-Portneuf hamburger prepared with ground meat, local cheese, organic vegetables and a homemade beer sauce.

Whether it’s before or after your outdoor activity in the nearby mountains, a stop at the Roquemont is a must. Don’t miss out on its menu and craft beers that are just perfect for enjoying the beautiful days of summer!

Featured producers: Boulangerie le Soleil Levain sur Deschambault, Ferme Syldia, Fromagerie des Grondines, Chez Félix Ferme bio and the Roquemont microbrewery.

Le Burger 100 % Portneuf du Roquemont Microbrasserie

This project was financed by the MRC de Portneuf and the Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation as part of the Territoires : Priorités bioalimentaires program.