Tire derable hrz

Portneuf 100 % érable

By David C, March 14 2023

Semblerait-il que je sois tombé dans la marmite de potion magique (ici le sirop d’érable) quand j’étais jeune, parce que chaque année quand la sève se met à couler, j’ai trop hâte de faire une virée gourmande à l’érable. Inconsciemment, je suis probablement déménagé dans Portneuf pour me rapprocher ...

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Ski enfants

Une semaine de relâche inégalable dans Portneuf

By David C, March 2 2023

Ah, la relâche! Vous rappelez-vous à quel point vous l’attendiez lorsque vous étiez enfant? Pour moi, c’était la semaine parfaite pour profiter au maximum de la fin de l’hiver (parce que la montagne de neige derrière l’école était à son apogée!), pour manger une fondue au fromage (oui, drôle de trad...

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A la Fromagerie des Grondines

Webdocumentaire : les découvertes gourmandes du chef Arnaud Marchand

By David C, February 13 2023

J’ai toujours raffolé des produits du terroir. Lorsque j’habitais à Québec, au retour de Trois-Rivières ou de Montréal, je m’arrêtais toujours à Deschambault-Grondines à la fromagerie, à la boulangerie et à la chocolaterie. Ou encore dans les kiosques maraîchers de Neuville en saison estivale. Discu...

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Festival de la banquise

Quoi faire cet hiver dans Portneuf

By David C, February 11 2023

La dernière fois, je vous disais que je n’avais pas toujours été le plus grand fan de l’hiver. Après un week-end à moins trente degrés suivi d’une énième séance de déneigement, j’avouerai que je me suis questionné sur ma résolution à l’aimer! Mais écouter le calme de la neige qui tombe et le son des...

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Copie de DJI 0417

8 sites pour pratiquer les sports d’hiver dans Portneuf

By David C, January 20 2023


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Commission brassicole 2

La commission brassicole

By Chloé St-Hilaire, April 6 2022

Once in a while, you come across a village that is so beautiful and inspiring that you are left enchanted and in awe. Saint-Casimir is one of those off-the-beaten-track secrets that is slowly being discovered, where people rush to spend the weekend and then dream of settling down! This charming vill...

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Fall Blog

By Stéphane Lépine, October 19 2021

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” Albert Camus For a few weeks now, Portneuf’s forests have flaunted their most splendid colours, reminding us—fortunately for some; unfortunately for others—that winter is just around the corner! But let’s not rush into things. Let’s take a...

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Escapade d'un weekend dans Portneuf

By Stéphane Lépine, October 15 2021

Voici l'article de la revue et site web "Nomade magazine" sur leur escapade dans Portneuf : ...

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O Pagaie 3

Paddle Your Way to a World of Discoveries with Õ Pagaie

By Chloé St-Hilaire, August 13 2021

The region of Portneuf is known for its thriving agritourism culture and its many natural landscapes. Once a region that visitors flashed through on their drive between Quebec City and Trois-Rivières, Portneuf is increasingly making its mark as a hub for gourmet and recreational activities. With th...

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Mary Grisey

Reversals: The Must Summer Event for Art and Culture Lovers!

By Dominique Roy, August 13 2021

Every other year, the organizers of the Biennale internationale du lin de Portneuf (BILP) put on a multidisciplinary artistic event of international scope. For the ninth edition, curators Adrien Landry, Donald Vézina and Dominique Roy invite you to discover mostly original artworks on display in var...

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For an awesome visit, choose a youth hostel

By Auberge de l’Ouest, August 3 2021

Right off the bat, let’s talk about travelling! Travelling is all about pushing one’s limits, awe, the change of scenery and exploring the unknown. It’s that morning when you wake up and you have no idea what’s ahead of you, and you can’t wait for the adventure to begin. It means enjoying not only a...

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The Voies du Sacré: Where religious heritage rhymes with an unexpected journey

By Éliane Trottier, July 22 2021

In the centres of all our villages, we find the same constant, so typical of the Quebec landscape: the church. Today, as in the past, the church bears witness to the presence of a local community, to the deep-rootedness and vitality of its people. Hidden inside is a world that might surprise you, wh...

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DJI 0868 2

Podcast tours of Portneuf’s shoreline: The St. Lawrence, the lifeline of our historic villages

By Éliane Trottier, July 20 2021

Imagine you are visiting a new village. What better way to discover it than being there are hearing about its history, its character, and what life was like in years gone by? Well that is exactly what Du cœur au fleuve : les balados du littoral portneuvois is all about! All born of the St. Lawrence ...

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2 MG 2026

Eight (8) not-to-be-missed gourmet stops to discover the flavours of Portneuf this summer

By Papilles Développement, July 1 2021

In collaboration with Papilles développement As part of the first edition of La Virée Enracinée, running from June 23 through September 19, 2021, eight (8) restaurants and businesses in Portneuf have added special dishes with regional flavours to their menus, featuring some twenty local producers. ...

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IMG 3960

Deschambault Public Market : discover the savoury richness of our region

By Marché public de Deschambault, June 24 2021

The Deschambault public market is nicely tucked in midway between Trois-Rivières and Quebec City, along a section of the Chemin du Roy running through the charming county of Portneuf. Nestled under the tall trees adorning rue de l’Église, the market is held every Saturday morning and offers high-qua...

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IMG 1199

10 great reasons to go for a bike ride on Vélopiste Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf this summer!

By Marilyn Préfontaine, June 3 2021

Nowadays, cycling is more popular than ever. It’s not hard to understand why: it’s an accessible sport, easy to do with the family, and it allows you to explore places that are impossible to get to by car. And no need to mention the health benefits! The forest trails of La Jacques-Cartier RCM are ...

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Quai des Écureuils 1

The Chemin du Roy and its family

By Audrey Arseneault, May 23 2021

Looking for a fun and memorable outing with your family? Come and take a leisurely drive down the Chemin du Roy (Route 138) in Portneuf, only some 30 minutes from Quebec City. Starting point: Neuville, where several activities await you. I will introduce you to a few of them in the area. The first s...

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IMG 1369

Welcome to Portneuf!

By Stéphane Lépine, May 17 2021

Welcome to this new blog on the region of Portneuf. You read it right—it’s a first! The region is finally coming out of the shadows to reveal itself to the world. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit. It’s just that Portneuf is often said to be a secret natural treasure begging to be discovered. But the wor...

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Photo principale

Public access to the St. Lawrence River in Portneuf

By Stéphanie Poiré, May 16 2021

Discover the St. Lawrence through its many public access points We are really lucky in Portneuf! Without overdoing it, I can tell you that, with its nearly 70 km of shoreline in our territory, the St. Lawrence certainly makes its presence felt here. Since we are blessed by this natural wonder, we tr...

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Centre de vacances Lac Simon 2021 02 17 5

The Tourism of Tomorrow

By Marc Gagné, April 21 2021

The Tourism of Tomorrow For more than a year now, we have been facing a pandemic that has heavily impacted the tourism industry, contrasting with the strong growth observed over the previous ten (10) years. According to the World Tourism Organization, international tourist arrivals in January 2021 d...

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