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The Chemin du Roy and its family

By Audrey Arseneault, May 23 2021

Looking for a fun and memorable outing with your family?

Come and take a leisurely drive down the Chemin du Roy (Route 138) in Portneuf, only some 30 minutes from Quebec City. Starting point: Neuville, where several activities await you. I will introduce you to a few of them in the area. The first stop is the Réserve naturelle du Marais-Léon-Provancher, on Rue des Îlets.

The site offers free access to nine marked forest trails of varying lengths where you can hike and observe local nature and wildlife. There are tables on site at various locations, making it perfect for a picnic. Otherwise, take a jaunt down to Casse-croûte de Neuville, located just 2.8 kilometres down the road.

Enjoy close contact with some of the animals inhabiting the reserve: bring seeds for the birds or nuts for the squirrels. The site also has toilets, a parking lot, eight viewpoints, two observation platforms and several benches along the trails, and each side provides a view overlooking either the marsh or the St. Lawrence River.

Still in Neuville, the second stop I am proposing is Ferme Langlois et fils (“Chez Médé”), founded in 1667 and around a 7-minute drive (6.7 km) from the Réserve naturelle du Marais-Léon-Provancher. The farm offers a variety of fruits and vegetables, including its famous freshly picked Neuville corn. You can also visit the Economusée de la Conserverie (canned-food economuseum), a shop where you will find some interesting culinary curiosities. Finally, it is even possible to enjoy a tour of the farm with none other than Médé as your guide!

Continue westward along the road 10 minutes farther (or 10.7 km) until you reach Donnacona and its Parc familial des Berges. The park offers nature hiking trails, bird-watching and small wildlife observation, but you can also do some water activities such as fishing, canoeing and kayaking on the Jacques-Cartier River. Bring your own equipment and boats and take advantage of all the fun to be had on the river! There is also a nature interpretation centre with a playground.

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